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Ways to Minimize Shock in Hydraulic Systems

The high working pressure and large volume of the hydraulic press will accumulate a large amount of hydraulic elastic potential energy during loading, which will have a great shock on the pipeline-interface of the hydraulic system, the interface of hydraulic parts, and even the entire press at the moment of unloading. The following measures can be mainly taken to minimize the shock of the hydraulic systems.

Ways To Minimize Shock In Hydraulic Systems

1) Adopt a solenoid valve with damping to slow down the reversing speed;

2) The opening of the slide valve is designed to be a gentle change type so that the deceleration of the load component is uniform;

3) Appropriately increase the inner diameter of the oil return line to reduce the flow rate of the oil in the pipe;

4) Minimize the length of the pipeline or use a rubber hose.

Due to processing technology and other reasons, the hydraulic press adopts a system designed with a closed circulating oil circuit, and the shock impact at high speed now can be also generally eliminated by software to reduce noise and improve the stability of the hydraulic system.

The development of the hydraulic system and the overall structure of the hydraulic press has been relatively mature, and the good technology has significantly improved the hydraulic press in terms of filtering, cooling, and preventing shock and vibration.

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