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Product Description
When faced with the demand of removing the warp or deform of the workpiece, Shuntec's vertical-acting and side-acting hydraulic straightening presses offer unmatched strength and durability. Shuntec's most common straightening presses feature a c-frame configuration with a self-lubricating gib-guidance system for extreme bed-to-ram parallelism, but they could also be engineered in a 2-post or 4-post configuration, either in vertical or horizontal type.

Our customized vertical or horizontal hydraulic straightening presses are built for the specific tonnage, ram/bed size, speed, and control sophistication your application requires.


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Machine Technical Parameters
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The Highlight of Shuntec Straightening Press

Nowadays, with higher and stricter requirements for components and end products in uniformity, geometry, accuracy, and cost-saving, hydraulic straightening presses have been more and more widely used by manufacturers who intend to improve productivity while saving costs. Hydraulic straightening presses are particularly useful for shafts, plates, and large weldments. Machining, heat treatment, and forming can cause these kinds of workpieces to warp or deform. Manufacturers have to remove or reduce such deformation before moving on to the next production steps. Especially for shafts, which are more complicated and have diversified sizes, it is barely possible to automate the straightening process, so a (hydraulic) straightening press is required. Regardless of whether you are bending or straightening large sections of steel alloy I-beams for the railroad industry, high-strength alloys for aerospace parts, or rugged chassis for off-road vehicles, Shuntec has the solution.

For customers from the automotive industry, who require accurate and repeatable straightening processes for precision parts, the Shuntec C-frame presses are the ideal straightening press to choose from. The press provides flexible precision control modes, which are “fixed speed/setting position stop”, “fixed speed/setting load stop”, and “fixed speed/pressing distance stop”. The accuracy ranges from 0.01mm (0.0004 inches). A shuttle bed can also be offered for some special occasions, to offer the repeatable straightening cycle and the ability to automatically straighten.

All gantry and C frame hydraulic straightening presses in Shuntec are built with tough quality standards to ensure years of maintenance-free and reliable operation.

•  Compact and economical open gap design

•  Three-sided access to the working area

•  Precision and automatic straightening

•  Modular design, customized to your specifications

•  Superior rigidity and bed to platen parallelism

•  Precision-guided moving slide (platen)

•  Fast, easy and safe setup and operation

Technical Parameters:
Please note that we can build the tailor-made Shuntec Straightening Press directly to your unique requirements.
DescriptionShuntec-A12 5TShuntec-A12 15TShuntec-A12 50TShuntec-A12 70TShuntec-A12 100T
Nominal Force50 KN150 KN500 KN700 KN1000 KN
StructureC Frame PressC Frame PressC Frame PressC Frame PressC Frame Press
Cylinder Stroke180 mm200 mm300 mm300 mm300 mm
Open Height350 mm400 mm550 mm550 mm550 mm
Bed Table440*300 mm450*350 mm700*600 mm800*650 mm950*650 mm
Ram Dimension-400*300 mm440*340 mm520*400 mm520*400 mm
Throat Depth150 mm175 mm300 mm325 mm325 mm
Table Height780 mm780 mm780 mm800 mm800 mm
Closing Speed200 mm/s200 mm/s200 mm/s200 mm/s200 mm/s
Slow Pressing Speed40 mm/s25 mm/s20 mm/s18 mm/s18 mm/s
Return Speed200 mm/s200 mm/s180 mm/s180 mm/s180 mm/s
Motor4 Pole, 2.2 KW4 Pole,4 KW4 Pole, 7.5 KW4 Pole, 11 KW4 Pole, 15 KW
Power Supply3Phase, 220/380/415/480VAC, 50/60HZ3Phase, 220/380/415/480VAC, 50/60HZ3Phase, 220/380/415/480VAC, 50/60HZ3Phase, 220/380/415/480VAC, 50/60HZ3Phase, 220/380/415/480VAC, 50/60HZ
System Pressure13 Mpa15 Mpa20 Mpa21 Mpa24 Mpa
Machine Approx. Weight950 KG1.5 Ton5 Ton7 Ton11 Ton
Machine Approx. Size580*930*1770 mm620*1080*1980 mm720*1500*2300 mm1050*1750*2560 mm1150*1850*2560 mm
Options of Shuntec Straightening Press

• Double-start zero force touch buttons

• Safety photoelectric light curtain

• Safety interlocked hinged mesh guards on the sides

• T-slotted moving and bed platens

• Tapped holes on moving and bed platens

•  Bed shuttles

•  Automatic safety door systems

•  Hydraulic center ejection

•  Portable operator console

•  Pneumatic safety rachet

•  Color HMI

•  Linear position sensor

•  Load cell

•  Automatic tie bar lubrication

•  Top-mounted hydraulics

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