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Pressurized Air Bulge Forming Press

Product Description
Shuntec's pressurized air bulge forming presses are ideal for manufacturing parts from a variety of sheet/film materials including composite sheet films such as PC/PMMA/ABS, glass fiber, carbon fiber, and many other sheets/films. Using a Shuntec pressurized air bulge forming press, you can produce sheets/films with complex and non-symmetrical features while maintaining uniform wall thicknesses.
Applicable Industries:Sheet/film material hot forming with complex shape, widely used in 3C industry, home appliance industry, electronics industry, automobile industry.
Production Lead-timeAbout 30~55 workdays
Power SupplyThree-phase, 220V/380V/415V/480V/600V, 50/60 HZ optional; Custom made to your requirement
CustomizableHighly customized to your requirements
PackingWooden package suitable for sea transport
Aftersales ServiceField installation/maintenance/repair, commissioning and training,  free spare parts, video technical support
Warranty18 months
Payment TermT/T
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Machine Highlight
Machine Technical Parameters
Machine Options
The Highlight of Shuntec Pressurized Air Bulge Forming Press

Nowadays, the product appearance of electronics and automobiles is getting more and more beautiful and complex. Take the mobile phone as an example, the back cover of the mobile phone is gorgeous with new multilayers printing processes. And the complex R angle is the popular and common design for the mobile phone back cover. So, it is important to quickly form the sheet/film with a complex shape before IMD forming process.

Shuntec's pressurized air bulge forming press is newly designed and developed for composite sheet/film hot forming. And it is becoming increasingly popular among manufacturers because of its ability to produce seamless, lightweight, "near-net-shape" parts. During the pressurized air bulge forming process, operators insert a blank into a mold. The special heating device of the press quickly heats the blank to its softening temperature, with optional maximum heating temperature ranges from 600 ℃ to 1000 ℃. Then, the press introduces pressurized air into the chamber. The pressurized air presses from top to bottom with the segmented high pressure, while the lower mold cavity is evacuated. The pressurized air forms the material to the shape and contour of the tool so that the film material is perfectly and accurately formed and molded into a complex shape.

Throughout this process the press acts as a clamp, applying force to the tool in order to counter the pressure being injected into the chamber, ensuring the tool remains closed. The air pressure and holding time can be adjusted separately. There is no upper mold, only a lower mold. There will be no problem with film surface scratches caused by direct contact with the mold on the film surface. The residual stress of the formed film is at a very low level. The corners of the composite material do not turn white after forming, while the printed layers are continuously layered, and do not separate.

Technical Parameters:
Please note that we can build the tailor-made Shuntec Pressurized Air Bulge Forming Press directly to your unique requirements.
ItemsFor Mobile Phone IndustryFor Automobile Industry
Nominal Force100 Ton100 Ton
Hydraulic Pressure21 MPa21 MPa
Return Force5 Ton5 Ton
Height of the Bed Table Above Floor1150 mm1150 mm
Daylight500 mm600 mm
Stroke300 mm400 mm
Bed Table Size600 (between columns) * 550 mm800 (between columns) * 500 mm
Slider SpeedUp-acting100~130 mm/s100~130 mm/s
Pressing10~14 mm/s10~14 mm/s
Return150~180 mm/s150~180 mm/s
Overall Dimensions1280*1430*2300 mm1530*1600*2400 mm
Servo Motor Power16 KW16 KW
Options of Shuntec Pressurized Air Bulge Forming Press

•  Servo-hydraulic control system

•  Automated loading and unloading system

•  Interlocked, hinged guards on 3 sides

•  Portable operator console

•  Color HMI

•  Linear position sensor

•  Load cell

•  Automatic tie bar lubrication

•  IR (infrared) non-contact heating device

•  Preheating chamber

•  Multi-point PID temperature accurate control

•  Preheating chamber with ceramic heating bricks, which can heat the special material up to 600°-1000° in a few seconds

•  20 sets of technical formula storage capacity

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