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assembly press

Assembly Press

Product Description
Shuntec offers standard 4-post, C frame, and benchtop hydraulic assembly presses and servo-electric assembly presses ranging from 0.2-50 tons, which are economical solutions for small, light-duty assembly applications.


Bushing/bearing insertion,

Motor stator core stacking,

Transformer stator core stacking,

Joining, fastening, riveting,

Crimping, clamping, etc



Field installation/maintenance/

repair service,

Commissioning and training,

Online support, Free spare parts,

Video technical support





Customizable:Highly customized to your requirementsWarranty:18 months


About 30~55 workdaysPayment


Packing:Wooden package suitable

for sea transport



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Machine Highlight
Machine Technical Parameters
Machine Options
The Highlight of Shuntec Assembly Press

Whether you are looking to add a single assembly press or construct a complete assembly line, Shuntec has extensive experience in engineering solutions for all types of assembly. Our 4-post, C frame, benchtop, and horizontal type assembly presses are most often used for high-force assembling and press-fitting applications, such as bushing/bearing insertion, motor/transformer stator core stacking, joining, fastening, riveting, crimping, clamping, etc.

For some precision assembly applications, the Shuntec integration function of force & position monitoring, multiple assembling modes, and real-time quality evaluation is a must to ensure perfect assembly results. The operation system of our assembling machines is user-friendly, open-architecture programming which allows operators to easily create and store key process parameters while providing data visualization throughout each cycle. We can also fully automate your assembly line with ancillary equipment including conveyors, cameras, RFID scanners, tool storage, and retrieval systems, quick die change options, and robots.

Our hydraulic & servo-electrical assembly press and press fitting machines are both applicable for general and precision assembling jobs. We list hot-sales standard series servo-electrical assembly presses in the right navigation bar. Know more about them by clicking the Machine Technical Parameters.

Technical Parameters:
Please note that we can build the tailor-made Shuntec Assembly Press directly to your unique requirements.
Model200kgf (0.2 ton)500kgf (0.5 ton)1000kgf (1 ton)2000kgf (2 ton)5000kgf (5 ton)8000kgf (8 ton)
Work Temperature0~40℃
Input PowerAC220V SINGLE PHASE (custom-made   available)AC380V 3 PHASE (custom-made available)
Power Consumption300W500W800W2100W4650W5650W
Human-computer interface7-inch or 10-inch touch screen
Control UnitPLC & exclusive control unit
Control Mode1. Fixed speed, setting position stop 2. Fixed speed, setting load stop 3. Fixed speed, pressing distance stop
Drive ModePrecise AC servo motor
USB InterfaceUSB2.0, download & upload   available
Die Connector Dia.Ø8 mmØ16 mmØ16 mmØ20mmØ25 mmØ30 mm
Pressure Output200kgf(0.2 ton)500kgf (0.5 ton)1000kgf (1 ton)2000kgf (2 ton)5000kgf (5 ton)8000kgf (8 ton)
Pressure Unit0.1kgf
Pressure Precision0.001 F.S
Pressure Repeat Duration0.01 F.S
Standard Stroke50/100 mm150/200/250 mm
Stroke Unit0.001 mm
Stroke Repeat Duration0.01 mm
Fast Forward Speed0.1- -160 mm/s0.1- -200 mm/s
Detect Speed0.1- -20 mm/s0.1- -30 mm/s
Press Speed0.1- -35 mm/s0.1- -50 mm/s
Return Speed0.1- -160 mm/s0.1- -200 mm/s
Dwell Time0.1~99.9 second
Options of Shuntec Assembly Press

•  4-post, C frame, benchtop, and horizontal type frame structure optional

•  Indexing units

•  Automated loading & unloading system

•  Automated assembly line

•  Interlocked, hinged guards on 3 sides

•  Hydraulic center ejection

•  Portable operator console

•  Pneumatic safety gates

•  Color HMI

•  Linear position sensor

•  Load cell

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