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Product Description
Shuntec's compression molding press machines are highly customized and built for molding SMC, BMC, composites, and rubber. The compression molding press features a heavy-duty multi-post frame structure. The heating system is optional in between either electric, oil, or steam heating. Water-cooled platens are optional to fast cool down the molds and workpiece for hand manipulation.


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The Highlight of Shuntec Compression Molding Press

In the compression molding process, temperature, pressure, and time duration under pressure are important process parameters. From maintaining consistent heat throughout a specified dwell period to precision pressure ramping, and managing burp cycles, Shuntec custom-made heated platen compression molding presses help you perfect your forming operation.

Compression molding is a method of molding during which the preheated molding material is placed in a heated mold cavity. Then the mold is closed with a top force, which generates pressure forcing the material to contact all mold cavity areas. The heat and pressure will be maintained for a certain period of time until the molding material is cured and the desired product is obtained. Compression molding is one of the most cost-effective thermoforming methods for molding complex, high-strength products such as fiber-reinforced plastics, metal alloys, composites, and rubber.

With a working area up to 78 inches and tonnage up to 800 tons, Shuntec hydraulic compression presses machines are guided by quality graphite-impregnated self-lubricated bronze bushings and four solid, chrome-plated posts. The long bearing length provides perfect pressing stability and effective resistance to off-center loading. To ensure the perfect compression molding operation, The heated platens can be divided into multi-temperature zones to achieve uniform heat distribution and convenient temperature monitoring. The main pressing cylinder and multi auxiliary cylinders are designed for stable pressure cramping and burp cycle managing.

For fast set up into production, all compression molding presses in Shuntec can be offered with a 7-inch or 10-inch comprehensive HMI for parameter setting, data acquisition, and storage. A preheating device can be integrated or separated with the compression molding press.

Technical Parameters:
Please note that we can build the tailor-made Shuntec Compression Molding Press directly to your unique requirements.
DescriptionShuntec-A09 100TShuntec-A09 150TShuntec-A09 200TShuntec-A09 300TShuntec-A09 400TShuntec-A09 630T
Structure4-post press4-post press4-post press4-post press4-post press4-post press
Heated PlatenMaximum 500 ℃Maximum 500 ℃Maximum 500 ℃Maximum 500 ℃Maximum 500 ℃Maximum 500 ℃
Main Cylinder Force1000 KN1500 KN2000 KN3000 KN4000 KN6300 KN
Main Cylinder Stroke300 mm300 mm400 mm400 mm500 mm500 mm
Max. Daylight420 mm420 mm500 mm500 mm700 mm700 mm
Shut Height80 mm80 mm100 mm100 mm200 mm200 mm
Bed Table400*400 mm450*420 mm560*560 mm560*560 mm660*650 mm750*800 mm
Closing Speed120~130 mm/s120~130 mm/s120~130 mm/s120~130 mm/s120~130 mm/s120~130 mm/s
Slow Pressing Speed4~5 mm/s4~5 mm/s4~5 mm/s4~5 mm/s4~5 mm/s4~5 mm/s
Return Speed125~130mm/s125~130mm/s125~130mm/s125~130mm/s125~130mm/s125~130mm/s
Motor4 Pole, 7.5KW4 Pole, 7.5KW4 Pole, 11.5KW4 Pole, 12.5KW4 Pole, 17KW4 Pole, 33KW
Power Supply3Phase, 220/380/415/480VAC, 50/60HZ3Phase, 220/380/415/480VAC, 50/60HZ3Phase, 220/380/415/480VAC, 50/60HZ3Phase, 220/380/415/480VAC, 50/60HZ3Phase, 220/380/415/480VAC, 50/60HZ3Phase, 220/380/415/480VAC, 50/60HZ
System Pressure20 Mpa20 Mpa20 Mpa20 Mpa25 Mpa25 Mpa
Machine Approx. Weight3 Ton4.5 Ton5 Ton6 Ton7.5 Ton13 Ton
Options of Shuntec Compression Molding Press

•  Electric, oil, or steam heating systems

•  Water-cooled platens

•  Multi-zone temperature control for extreme uniformity

•  Multiple cavities for increased productivity

•  Bed shuttles for simplified tool loading and unloading

•  Automatic insulated door systems for maximum heat efficiency

•  Hydraulic center ejection

•  Air blast valve with timer and air nozzles

•  Portable operator console

•  Pneumatic safety rachet

•  Color HMI

•  Linear position sensor

•  Load cell

•  Automatic tie bar lubrication

• Top-mounted hydraulics

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