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Follow These Guidelines With Hydraulic System Design

1. Flexible design of speed control loop

The realization of the function of the speed control circuit is mainly by connecting a circuit with a throttle valve and a relief valve in parallel in the circuit, which can increase the pressure of the oil pump outlet and realize the function that the relief valve can automatically open with the pressure change.

2. Reasonable selection of unloading methods

When the hydraulic system relief valve pilot oil circuit is used to undertake the unloading function, attention should be paid to the position of the reversing valve, to ensure that when the relief valve is opened, the reversing valve is in the middle position, and only in this position can the low-pressure unloading of the oil pump be completed. Unloading function, and can effectively ensure the effect and quality of unloading.

Follow These Guidelines With Hydraulic System Design

3. Reduce the hydraulic shock of the cylinder

The main reason for the most prone failure in the use of the hydraulic system is the effect of hydraulic shock. In order to effectively reduce the failure problem caused by hydraulic shock, it is generally used to install and change the structure of the spool valve, install damping components and other parts as a buffer valve and install it at the end of the oil cylinder, so as to solve the problem of hydraulic shock in the oil cylinder.

4. Hydraulic component selection skills

When choosing the structure and parts of the hydraulic system, the friction between the hydraulic components should be fully considered. Therefore, when choosing, it is necessary to fully refer to the work requirements and the reference data of different hydraulic components to reasonably adjust the leakage amount and avoid blindly. adjustment phenomenon.

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