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Product Description
With 24 years of extensive experience in the stamping industry, Shuntec has developed a specially designed high-speed hydraulic stamping press to serve the stamping world across the globe. The hydraulic stamping presses are featured with high-speed approaching, slow pressing, and fast return.
Applicable Industries:Precision stamping,

punching, blanking, embossing,

sheet metal forming, etc





Warranty:18 months
Customizable:Highly customized to your requirementsAftersales Service:Field installation, commissioning

and training, online support,

free spare parts, video technical


Production Lead-time:About 30~55 workdaysPayment Term:T/T
Packing:Plywood package suitable

for sea transport

Delivery Term:EXW, FOB,CFR,CIF,DDU
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Machine Highlight
Machine Technical Parameters
Machine Options
The Highlight of Shuntec Stamping Press
  • Four-sides access for convenient loading and unloading of dies or tools
  • Modular design, customize to your specifications
  • Superior rigidity and bed to platen parallelism
  • Precision-guided moving slide (platen)

Shuntec Stamping press, also widely known as the general forming press, is the most universal machine equipment in the metalworking industry. It's widely used in a variety of manufacturing processes such as embossing, perforating, coining & minting, bending, flanging, as well as punching and blanking.

The open frame structure design brings the ability to integrate into the production cells such as robots for automatic production, with stamping speed at 25 counts per minute to maximize your process efficiency. The stamping press machines are guided by quality graphite-impregnated self-lubricated bronze bushings and four solid, chrome-plated posts. The long bearing length provides perfect stability and effective resistance to off-center loading.

recision and PLC programmable control is the key to creating the most cost-effective stamping operation and protecting the stamping tooling and helping you manufacture higher quality parts with less scrap. Each stamping machine in Shuntec can be offered with a 7-inch or 10-inch  comprehensive HMI to freely input, revise, store and load all parameters such as pressure, stroke, speed, dwell time, and daylight. The optional integrated load and position sensors allow the precision control of the ram’s pressure and position.

Technical Parameters:
Please note that we can build the tailor-made Shuntec Stamping Press directly to your unique requirements.
Main cylinder


Main cylinder strokemm300400400400500500500500500400
Main cylinder approaching speedmm/s180160160230230170190210190220
Main cylinder pressing speedmm/s7-158-175-127-188-165-125-128-166-153-13
Main cylinder return speedmm/s170150130210200170180210160210
System pressurebar240235240240250248240240250240
Knock-out cylinder capacityton153030404050506080100
Knock-out cylinder strokemm200200200200250250250250250200
Daylight open

(slide to bolster)

Bed table size


Bed table size


Motor powerKW8.61623.634.634.637607490110
Overall dimension Left-Rightmm1250168016802600265029403000366038004150
Overall dimension Front-Rearmm1430178017802100210021002300245025002680
Overall dimension Heightmm2850348035003700405041004320456047204820
Options of Shuntec Stamping Press

• Top-mounted hydraulics

• Anti-tie-down, anti-repeat controls with ring guards

• Safety photoelectric light curtain

• Safety interlocked, hinged guards on the 3-sided door

• Hydraulic center ejection

• Air blast valve with timer and air nozzles

• Removable base

• Portable Operator Console

• Color HMI

• Linear position sensor

• Load sensor

• Automatic tie bar lubrication

• T-slotted moving and bed platens

• 8-point gib-guided frame structure with superior rigidity

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