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Key Issues in Hydraulic Press Pipeline Design

The various components of the hydraulic device in the hydraulic press are connected together by pipelines, and the hydraulic pipeline transports the hydraulic oil from the hydraulic pump to each actuator and then leads it back to the oil tank from the actuator to form a closed circuit. Pipeline design is a key technical issue to ensure the quality of hydraulic presses.

(1) Interference problem.

Interference will cause instability of the pipeline, resulting in problems such as leakage and vibration. Therefore, the existence of interference problems must be avoided in the design of hydraulic press pipelines.

Key Issues in Hydraulic Press Pipeline Design

(2) Whether the pipeline arrangement is reasonable or not.

The piping arrangement is the core part of the hydraulic press piping design, which mainly includes two aspects: the piping spacing and the piping direction.

(3) The distribution of the working medium flow field inside the pipeline.

Pipe flow distribution is the main basis for the design of pipeline direction, and it is an important method to study the mechanism of pipeline vibration and energy consumption.

(4) Problems of pipeline vibration and energy consumption.

Reasonable pipeline design can reduce energy loss and pipeline vibration to a certain extent, but it is difficult to avoid.

(5) The problem of easy disassembly and assembly.

The pipeline is generally installed on the basis of the hydraulic press, and an unreasonable design will lead to problems such as difficulty in disassembly and assembly, and inability to assemble. Corresponding operating space should be reserved for easy installation and disassembly during pipeline design.

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