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Troubleshooting Excessive Vibration In Hydraulic Systems

The main causes of excessive vibration in hydraulic systems are:

1) Hydraulic vibration shock when the liquid flow channel is rapidly closed;

2) The moving parts are suddenly stopped in high-speed motion;

3) Hydraulic vibration impact caused by air in the fluid.

Troubleshooting Excessive Vibration In Hydraulic Systems

Take the following measures to eliminate the excessive vibration in hydraulic systems:

(1) Try to change the complete vibration to incomplete vibration, which can be achieved by slowing down the valve opening and closing speed or reducing the shock wave distance;

(2) In the hydraulic system, limit the flow rate of oil in the tubing;

(3) can be used in the hydraulic system with a rubber hose or an accumulator at the vibration source;

(4) where the hydraulic system is prone to vibration, install a safety valve to limit the pressure rise;

(5) The piston of a high-speed cylinder with a large load is prohibited to stop or reverse suddenly in the middle of the stroke.

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