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How Does Air Affect Your Hydraulic System

There must be no free air in the hydraulic system. Air will have a negative impact on the operation of the hydraulic system. What are the specific hazards to the hydraulic system?

1. Hydraulic oil mixed with air, will produce bubbles and a hole formation phenomenon, in the high-pressure area, under the impact of pressure oil, bubbles will be broken, and sharply compressed so that the hydraulic system noise;

How Does Air Affect Your Hydraulic System

2. When the gas in the hydraulic oil is suddenly compressed, a lot of heat will be released, causing local overheating, which damages the hydraulic components and hydraulic oil;

3. Because of the compressibility of the air, the working organs of the hydraulic system crawl, destroy the stability of the work, and sometimes even cause vibration, affecting the normal work of the machine tool;

4. If a large number of bubbles are mixed into the hydraulic press system, it is easy to cause oil deterioration, thereby reducing the service life of hydraulic oil.

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