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How To Prevent Air From Entering The Hydraulic System?

1. Prevent external gas from entering the hydraulic system. In use, the oil quantity of the tank should be checked regularly to avoid the phenomenon of air suction.

2. During maintenance and installation, the air in the hydraulic components and pipelines must be discharged, and the suction pipe and pump body should be filled with oil to maintain good sealing of the tubing.

How To Prevent Air From Entering The Hydraulic System?

3. During the operation of the hydraulic press, it is necessary to check whether the oil suction filter is blocked, so as to avoid the air separation phenomenon caused by the low pressure of the oil suction port caused by the poor oil suction.

4. Each part of the hydraulic system should be kept full of oil. The way is to install a check valve at the outlet of the hydraulic pump and set up a back pressure valve on the oil return road.

5. Try to prevent the pressure in the hydraulic system from being lower than the atmospheric pressure. At the same time, a good sealing device should be used.

6. Select the appropriate viscosity of the working medium, the viscosity of the oil is too high, the reaction to the control has a tendency to slow down, and will also cause the increase of fluid friction so that the oil temperature of the hydraulic system rises, or cause the hydraulic pump suction, so as to increase the formation of foam.

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