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System Introduction of 100 Tons Jigsaw Hydraulic Press


The 100-ton jigsaw puzzle hydraulic press signifies a monumental achievement in the puzzle manufacturing industry. Offering a perfect blend of power, precision, and technological sophistication, this press significantly enhances operational efficiency and the quality of the end product. It boasts an autonomous power structure and an electrical system, utilizing a centralized control system operated by buttons. The machine incorporates both inching and semi-automatic control methods. Notably, it allows for adjustments to the working pressure and stroke range based on the processing technology.

System introduction of 100 tons jigsaw hydraulic press

Section I: Detailed Structure and Peculiarities of the 100-ton Jigsaw Puzzle Hydraulic Press

The 100-ton jigsaw puzzle hydraulic press is distinguished by its intricate structure and multi-faceted features:

  • Independent Power Structure and Electrical System: This structure ensures the hydraulic press operates independently of other devices, allowing for potential upgrades, isolated troubleshooting, and streamlined maintenance without affecting surrounding equipment. The electrical system is designed for energy efficiency, ensuring optimal power usage and reducing overall operational costs.
  • Centralized Control System: The hydraulic press employs a centralized control system with easy-to-operate buttons, enabling both inching and semi-automatic control. 'Inching' refers to the ability to make small adjustments during the pressing process for enhanced precision, while the semi-automatic control adds an aspect of automation to the process, increasing operational efficiency.
  • Customizable Working Parameters: One of the key selling points of this hydraulic press is the adjustable working pressure and stroke range. This flexibility allows manufacturers to fine-tune the machine's operations based on the specific requirements of each puzzle design, leading to improved product quality.
Jigsaw Puzzle Die Cutting Press
Jigsaw Puzzle Die Cutting Press

Section II: In-depth Overview of the Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system is the heart of the 100-ton jigsaw puzzle hydraulic press, with its critical components contributing to its overall performance:

  1. System Assembly and Location: The assembly layout of the hydraulic system, placed on the right side of the fuselage, is not a random design choice. This location allows for easy access during maintenance checks and facilitates smooth operation.
  2. Cartridge Valve Integrated System: The hydraulic system is equipped with a cartridge valve integrated system, which offers a sensitive operation, reliable functioning, and superior sealing effect. This system improves the speed and responsiveness of the press, making it an excellent choice for high-speed, high-precision operations.
  3. Hydraulic Pump Station: The pump station, comprising oil cylinders, high-pressure oil pumps, motors, and cartridge valves, acts as the backbone of the hydraulic system.
    • The oil cylinders are welded with resilient steel plates, offering superior durability. These cylinders are closed designs equipped with a cleaning window and an oil drain plug, simplifying maintenance tasks such as cleaning and oil changes.
    • The oil suction port of the oil pump is fitted with an oil suction filter. This filter plays a vital role in maintaining the oil's cleanliness, directly influencing the longevity of the oil pump and valves.
    • The pump station incorporates a radiator, ensuring optimal temperature control during prolonged operations, thereby enhancing the machine's lifespan.
  4. Seal and Leak-proof Design: The hydraulic press system guarantees a leak-proof seal, making it a highly reliable choice for continuous industrial usage. The main pipelines are interconnected by flanges, while the pipelines include shockproof measures to maintain stable operation under varying conditions.

Section III: Comprehensive Commissioning Process of the 100-ton Jigsaw Puzzle Hydraulic Press

The commissioning process is a collaboration between the supplier and the demander, involving several meticulous steps:

  1. Design and Operation Planning: The supplier offers detailed design drawings for the hydraulic press, providing a visual aid and blueprint for the machine's assembly and operation. The demander then uses these drawings to plan and execute specific operations.
  2. Assembly and Delivery Notification: Upon the successful assembly of the hydraulic machine at the supplier's factory, the demander is promptly informed about the delivery timeline and the necessary preparations for assembly. This step ensures that the demander can adequately prepare for the machine's arrival and subsequent installation.
  3. On-site Assembly and Commissioning: The supplier undertakes the on-site assembly and commissioning of the equipment at the demander's facility. In return, the demander supports the process by providing necessary resources, such as lifting machinery, oil, and electricity, along with the required conditions for assembly.
  4. Skill Training and Technical Consultation: During the assembly and commissioning, the supplier provides a thorough training program and technical consulting services for the demander's technical personnel. This knowledge transfer ensures that the demander's team can optimally operate and maintain the equipment, resulting in long-term operational efficiency and machine longevity.
  5. Final Checks and Acceptance: Once the assembly and debugging are completed, both parties perform a comprehensive check following the technical agreement and corresponding technical attachments previously agreed upon. This verification process ensures that the equipment is installed correctly, operates as per the expected standards, and is ready for full-fledged operation.

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500 Ton Jigsaw Puzzle Die Cutting Press - With automatic puzzle scattering and bagging machine


The 100-ton jigsaw puzzle hydraulic press offers a combination of robust construction, sophisticated technology, and intricate customization options. It brings efficiency, precision, and unparalleled quality into jigsaw puzzle production, making it an invaluable asset for puzzle manufacturers. The detailed commissioning process ensures smooth installation and operation, bolstered by comprehensive training and technical support. In the world of jigsaw puzzle manufacturing, this hydraulic press is truly a game-changer.

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