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Influence of Servo Press on the Stamping Process

Servo press, also known as precision numerical control servo electronic press, is based on the principle that a servo motor drives a high-precision ball screw for precision pressure assembly operations, and can realize the whole-process closed-loop control of the press-fitting force and press-in depth during press-fitting operations.

Influence of Servo Press on the Stamping Process

Following the rapid development of the automobile industry, the level of stamping has been continuously improved. Servo presses are more and more widely used by various automobile manufacturers. The main reason is that the servo motor can convert the received electrical signal into angular displacement or angular velocity output, which can be very The characteristics of precise manipulation speed and position meet the high precision and high controllability requirements of the press output. The servo press adopts a high-power servo drive, which can not only improve the utilization rate of materials, but also improve the quality of the parts, reduce the impact on the mold, and greatly increase the life of the mold, thus saving the development cost of the mold.

From the analysis of the stamping process, the main influence of the servo press is:

① Improve the material utilization rate of the whole vehicle and reduce the purchase cost of the whole vehicle;

②The servo press improves the quality and surface quality of the formed parts, and better controls the precision of the parts;

③The servo press reduces the impact on the mold, allowing maximum freedom of mold design while reducing the investment cost of the mold;

Servo presses are also much better than mechanical presses in terms of mold maintenance and environmental noise.

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