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Debugging Steps of 200-Ton Frame Hydraulic Press

200-ton frame-type hydraulic press safety protection device:

1. Set the emergency stop button, press the emergency stop button, and the press will stop immediately after the power is off.

2. The slider of the 200-ton frame-type hydraulic press is equipped with limit switches at the upper and lower limit positions.

3. A hydraulic support insurance circuit is set in the lower chamber of the piston cylinder.

Debugging steps of 200 ton frame hydraulic press 1

Debugging steps of 200-ton frame-type gantry hydraulic press:

Before commissioning the 200-ton frame-type hydraulic press, check whether the installation is perfect, whether the pipeline is correct and firm, strictly check whether the electrical wiring is correct and whether safety protection such as grounding, and whether the overload meets the regulation.

1. When the lead wires of the motor are not connected, first press the "|Start" button of the motor, and then press the up button, up button, and return button to check whether the action of the electromagnet and other electrical components is correct, and pay special attention to the interlocking of the travel switch. The movement of components should be ensured to be accurate.

2. Loosen (left-hand) the pressure regulating handwheel of the manual valve to prevent accidents caused by the action of the electromagnet, start the motor, check whether the rotation direction meets the requirements, keep the oil pump in a no-load running state, and check whether the motor and oil pump are working normally.

3. Press the down button to check whether the actions are normal. After the above work is completed, continue to move up and down several times to remove the air in the pipeline and stop the moving beam at the upper limit position.

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