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Shuntec’s 200-ton Four-column Hydraulic Press Control Mechanism

The 200-ton four-column hydraulic press is divided into 200-ton three-beam four-column hydraulic press, 200-ton two-beam four-column hydraulic press, 200-ton four-beam four-column hydraulic press, etc. According to different purposes of customers, different models of 200-ton hydraulic presses are selected. The 200-ton four-column hydraulic press is composed of three parts: the main engine, the hydraulic transmission device, and the electrical control device. It has an independent hydraulic transmission device and an electrical control box, which can be centrally controlled on the console to realize three operating specifications of adjustment, manual and semi-automatic cycles. The working pressure, working speed and stroke range of the machine can be adjusted according to the process requirements, and the ejection and stretching processes can be completed.

Shuntec’s 200-ton Four-column Hydraulic Press Control Mechanism

Today, I recommend a 200-ton four-column hydraulic press produced by Shuntec Machinery. It is characterized by an ejector cylinder, a work surface of 800x800, and a spacious workspace, which is convenient for four-body observation and close to the mold. The whole machine has a simple structure and good craftsmanship. In addition, Shuntec Machinery can also design and produce various tonnage powder-forming hydraulic presses, frame hydraulic presses, metal stretching hydraulic presses, etc. according to user parameter requirements.

The 200-ton four-column hydraulic press consists of two parts: the main engine and the control mechanism. The main engine part includes the fuselage, the main cylinder, the ejector cylinder, the liquid filling device, etc. The power mechanism consists of a fuel tank, a high-pressure pump, a low-pressure control system, an electric motor, various pressure valves, and directional valves, etc.

1. Master cylinder of 200-ton four-column hydraulic press

The cylinder body is made of high-quality steel, and the surface of the piston rod is quenched by intermediate frequency, which has a long service life. The main parts of the oil cylinder are made of high-quality sealing rings to ensure reliable sealing.

2. Hydraulic system

The 200-ton four-column hydraulic press adopts a large-flow cartridge valve, and an oil filter is installed at the oil inlet of the pump to prevent impurities from entering the hydraulic system to ensure the normal operation of the oil circuit; the system has oil temperature and oil level display, air filter device; The mailbox is a steel plate welded structure, and the bottom is equipped with a screw plug for oil discharge and sewage discharge.

3. Electrical system

The 200-ton four-column hydraulic press is equipped with an independent electrical control box to centrally control the operation of the entire machine. The equipment is equipped with a photoelectric protection device and an emergency stop button to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment during operation.

4. Operating system

The 200-ton four-column hydraulic press adopts the PLC programming system to realize free switching between automatic and semi-automatic operation modes, which is convenient for equipment maintenance; the operating speed of the equipment and the pressure of the main cylinder can be adjusted arbitrarily; it meets the process requirements of fixed stroke and constant pressure during production.

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