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Introduction to the Structure of 200 tons Frame Hydraulic Press

The workbench of the 200-ton frame-type hydraulic press can move up and down, which greatly expands the opening and closing height of the machine and makes it more convenient to use. It is composed of the main cylinder, a hydraulic power system, an electrical system, and other components. The workbench is welded with high-quality steel plates to ensure reliability and durability. The hydraulic system is located inside the fuselage, with a beautiful appearance and convenient operation, which can expand the working range and use the space on three sides to lengthen the stroke of the hydraulic cylinder (optional).

Introduction to the Structure of 200 tons Frame Hydraulic Press

Introduction to the scope of application of the 200-ton frame hydraulic press:

The 200-ton frame-type hydraulic press is mainly suitable for the correction of shaft parts and profiles and the press-fitting of shaft sleeve parts; bending, embossing, sleeve shape of plate parts, stretching plastic products of simple parts; machine tools, internal combustion engines, textiles, etc. Machinery, shafts, bearings, washing machines, automobile motors, air-conditioning motors, electrical appliances, military enterprises, and foreign-funded enterprises assembly lines and other industries; plastic material pressing process, such as powder product molding, plastic product molding, cold (hot) extrusion Metal forming, sheet drawing, and horizontal pressing, bending, turning, and correction processes.

The main structure of the 200-ton frame hydraulic press:

1. Hydraulic power part: manual, electric;

2. Mechanical control part;

3. Working cylinder part;

4. Hydraulic power part: the hydraulic oil pump and the electric motor are connected to the plunger pump with an elastic coupling;

5. Mechanical control part: controlled by distribution box and combination button switch;

6. Oil pipe part: the joint part is connected by a high-pressure seamless steel pipe.

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