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Features of 315-Ton Three-beam Four-column Hydraulic Press

The 315-ton three-beam four-column hydraulic press is a hot-selling product produced by Shuntec Machinery. It is a multi-functional hydraulic press. The body adopts a three-beam and four-column structure, which is economical and practical. The hydraulic control adopts a cartridge valve integrated system to reduce leakage points and operate reliably. , long service life, two forming processes of constant pressure and fixed distance can be realized, with the function of holding pressure and delaying time, the working pressure stroke can be adjusted within the specified range, centralized control with buttons, and three operation modes of manual, semi-automatic and automatic.

Features of 315-ton three-beam four-column hydraulic press

1. The precision of the machine is high: the 315-ton hydraulic press adopts a four-column and three-plate structure, and the vertical precision of the movable plate is controlled by four precision guide sleeves. The parallel precision of any point between the lower working surface and the upper working surface is within 0.03MM.

2. Accurate positioning by pressing down: Adjustable mechanical positioning of oil cylinder (accuracy 0.05mm), electrical positioning of position ruler (accuracy 0.03mm), pressure sensor pressure positioning (accuracy 0.1kgf).

3. Imported accessories: 315 tons of three-beam four-column hydraulic press and electrical components are made in Japan, Taiwan, and France. The failure rate is very small, the efficiency is high, the noise is low, and the maintenance is convenient.

4. High safety factor: comprehensive safety design, the two-handed start of the flat-headed button, and the machine can be started by jogging at the same time within 0.5 seconds. The emergency stop switch is in the middle of the start button, and the emergency stop is within reach, and emergency accidents can be handled in time. A safety grating is installed on the front of the workbench. If the machine is in operation, if the hand is accidentally inserted into the working space, the machine will automatically rise, and the red light will be on when the grating fails, which has a high safety factor.

5. Convenient mold adjustment: The 315-ton three-beam four-column hydraulic press is equipped with up and down inching buttons to facilitate mold installation and calibration.

6. The system adjustment is simple: the pressure is adjusted by the overflow valve, the speed is adjusted by the speed control valve, and the stroke is adjusted by the proximity sensor and the falling time. Decline pressure holding time, output record, and count.

7. Energy saving: Since the hydraulic cylinder uses a fast combination cylinder, the motor only needs 2.2 kilowatts of power: the motor stops automatically after 10 minutes of operating the machine to prevent unnecessary additional power consumption caused by not operating the machine, and only needs to be restarted when working. Just start the motor.

8. High production efficiency: The 315-ton three-beam and four-column hydraulic press adopt a master cylinder, which can realize the rapid rise and stable pressurization of the hydraulic press, and improve production efficiency.

9. Low noise: The noise of the 315-ton three-beam and the four-column hydraulic press does not exceed 60 decibels when it is on standby.

10. Easy to move the machine: four casters are installed under the 315-ton three-beam and four-column hydraulic press, which can be moved lightly, labor-saving and efficient.

11. Ease of material return and cleaning: the working surface is equipped with a blanking chute and blowing device.

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