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Safety Settings For Hydraulic Press System

Hydraulic pressure relief actions usually rely on opening the charging valve of the oil cylinder end to achieve, under the condition of ultrahigh-pressure liquid, the valve core could be stuck and could not be opened. Once the charging valve cannot open, the pressure relief will not be able to be realized automatically, but only through manually loosening the oil inlet pipe of the cylinder cavity on injection pressure relief. It is not only very dangerous but also a waste of oil.

Safety Settings For Hydraulic Press System

The following describes the safety settings of the hydraulic press system

Hydraulic press emergency stop through the safety controller control, in addition to the button rotation, reset also added a special reset button and indicator light; The two-hand operation button is controlled by the two-hand special function module in the safety controller, and there is a clear requirement for the synchronization action time difference between the two buttons (≤0.5s). Because the working table of the press is long, there are two mobile button stations, and the operation buttons on the two mobile button stations have synchronization action time differences in addition to themselves. The operation between the two moving button stations is also set with the synchronous action time difference to ensure the safety of the operation; In addition, there is an emergency return button for mandatory return action in the state of emergency.

The control method of the hydraulic press is optimized and improved on the basis of the original design, and the pleasant forming special process control is added, which can reduce the labor intensity of the operator and improve production efficiency at the same time. From the perspective of safety, the corresponding changes are made to protect the life safety of the operator.

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