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Structural Design Of Hydraulic Cylinder

In the design of the hydraulic cylinder structure, the selection of its structure form generally depends on the hydraulic cylinder in the hydraulic machine support, and the specifications of the hydraulic cylinder is determined according to the total pressure of the hydraulic machine.

1. Overview of hydraulic cylinder structure design

Hydraulic cylinder structure design including hydraulic cylinder type, size, and support mode. Because the hydraulic cylinder is the executive component of the hydraulic machine, the output power is to bear the load, and the hydraulic machine is easy to fail. The selection of a suitable cylinder structure, specifications, and support mode can not only ensure the accurate action of the hydraulic cylinder but also extend the service life of the hydraulic cylinder.

Structural Design Of Hydraulic Cylinder

2. Structural design of blank holder cylinder

Small hydraulic press chooses to install a block thickness of 150 mm steel plate on the movable beam, steel plate processing through the hole, hydraulic cylinder flange and steel plate connected together, hydraulic cylinder wall cylindrical surface, and steel plate through the hole with installation.

3. Structural design of lateral forming hydraulic cylinder

The lateral forming cylinder adopts the piston cylinder with symmetrical Settings, the rod support connection, the cylinder is fixed on the lateral support seat, and the lateral support seat and the hydraulic press base are connected. The nominal pressure of the lateral forming cylinder is 1000 kN and the liquid pressure is 25 MPa.

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