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Overview of Shuntec 6-Cylinder Hydraulic Press

Recently, Shuntec Press has designed and built a 6-cylinder hydraulic press for a client from Australia. A total of 6 cylinders are used to drive the slider movement, and the inlet and outlet of the middle 4 cylinders are combined to supply oil through the hydraulic system, and the inlet and outlet of the two cylinders are controlled by a separate hydraulic system driven by a motor proportional pump. The system composition of the 6-cylinder hydraulic press is described as follows:

1. Setting of bottom cylinder material supporting function

The hydraulic press usually enters the pressure relief return automatically after the end of the slide pressing, and the top cylinder is pushed out to facilitate the operator to take the material. However, the bottom plane of the workpiece is often deformed because of the notch of the die. Therefore, the customer requires the ejection action of the ejection cylinder at the same time as the return journey of the press slider to ensure the forming of the workpiece.

Overview of Shuntec 6-Cylinder Hydraulic Press

2. Automatic blanking device

A hydraulic press longer on forming will be tightly attached to the mold, the operator needs to spend a long time through a crowbar and other tools to make it out. The automatic feeding device can facilitate the workpiece demoulding, reduce the working intensity, and improve the working efficiency.

3. Selection of short and long material forming

For customized hydraulic press longeron have a variety of specifications and lengths is different, and the effective work of a machine tool table 12 meters long, 6 cylinders is also a uniform layout, the suppression of length 8 m or less will appear when the longitudinal beam of two sides because of the lower cylinder without artifacts support continued to press, on both sides of the sliding block caused by partial load, can cause the connection bolt snap even serious damage of oil cylinder.

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