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Requirements And Structure Of Hydraulic Filters

Because of the different filtration capacities and structures, there are many kinds of filters.

The requirements for hydraulic filters are described as follows:

(1) With high, meet the requirements of ability to filter impurities, filtration accuracy (refers to the size of the impurity particles filtered) and filtration capacity (refers to the size of the flow through the filter) should meet the requirements of the system, while the resistance to liquid flow is very small;

(2) The filter material has a certain mechanical strength, not due to the effect of liquid pressure and damage;

(3) The performance should be stable at a certain working temperature;

Requirements And Structure Of Hydraulic Filters

Structure of hydraulic filters:

The general hydraulic filter is mainly composed of a filter element (or screen) and a shell (or skeleton). The flow area of the oil is formed by the countless tiny gaps or holes on the filter element. Therefore, when the impurities mixed with the oil are larger than these tiny gaps or holes, they are blocked from filtering out of the oil.

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