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Application Of Servo-Hydraulic Press

The following introduces the application of servo-hydraulic press:

1. Servo-hydraulic press precision parts forming:

The slider motion curve can be set according to the forming process needs, and the required pressing force can be output at any position to ensure the quality requirements of precision stamping.

2. Drawing forming process to effectively prevent breakage:

The slider movement speed can be adjusted continuously according to the needs of forming process. The design of variable slider movement speed can effectively avoid material rupture and improve the surface forming quality.

Application Of Servo-Hydraulic Press

3. Forming process of new materials:

Servo hydraulic press can be used for forming magnesium alloy and other difficult materials.

4. Application of the blanking process:

The servo-hydraulic press can control the pressure output and reduce the output pressure when the material is close to fracturing, so that the blanking, cutting, and other processes can be completed without a buffer device.

5. The servo-hydraulic press can output arbitrary pressure in the whole stroke of the slider:

The slider can set any holding time at any position in the whole stroke, and the slider can be accurately positioned at any position in the whole stroke range, which can’t be realized by servo press or mechanical press.

6. Can be applied to the existing hydraulic press on all occasions:

The servo-hydraulic press has high precision, high flexibility, and a wider range of use than the existing hydraulic press.

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