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Performance Characteristics Of Servo-Hydraulic Press Machine

The performance characteristics of the servo-hydraulic press are as follows:

Performance Characteristics Of Servo-Hydraulic Press Machine
  1. Servo-hydraulic press operating mode selection: adjustment, semi-automatic (single cycle) two working specifications, there are two forming methods of constant pressure forming and regular process forming.
  2. The frame high rigidity design: the servo hydraulic press adopts the finite element optimization design, and the upper beam/lower beam stiffness is 1/10000 mm/mm.
  3. High speed, high efficiency, high flexibility: the servo-hydraulic press is driven by an AC servo motor, and the rate, position, pressure, and so on can be set arbitrarily in the range of parameters.
  4. High precision: the system pressure, and slider position adopts a high-precision sensor, which can output different working pressure and flow in the range of travel according to the process needs.
  5. Energy saving, environmental protection, low noise: the servo-hydraulic press adopts an AC servo motor to drive the internal gear pump, greatly improving the production environment; Miniaturized tank design, the whole machine oil consumption of about 300L.
  6. The proportional servo constant pressure control technology of the liquid filling valve improves the working reliability and reaction speed of the liquid filling valve.
  7. Special control system: servo-hydraulic press control system using an advanced microprocessor.
  8. Can restore mold parameters: quickly call mold parameter library, save time and improve production efficiency.
  9. Improve the service life of the mold: the servo hydraulic press runs smoothly, the body vibration is small, and the service life of the mold can be increased by more than 3 times.
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