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Prevention Measures Of Cavitation In The Hydraulic System

1. Pay attention to the inspection and maintenance of the hydraulic system

To prevent external gas from entering the system, the oil quantity of the tank should be checked regularly during use to avoid air suction phenomenon, and the oil condition should be checked in time to avoid oil deterioration; Often check whether the oil filter is blocked, so as to avoid the low pressure of the oil port and the inhalation of air.

Prevention Measures Of Cavitation In The Hydraulic System

2. Improve the structure of a hydraulic system

The exhaust device should be set up in the upper part of the hydraulic cylinder and pipeline to release the air in the system: some large hydraulic actuators in the movement due to sudden stop or reversing, will form holes in the oil inlet cavity, in order to prevent the formation of holes, should be set up oil filling circuit;

The bottom of the oil suction side of the oil tank of the hydraulic press can be covered with a layer of 60~100 purpose-defoaming metal mesh from the middle partition to the wall of the box to separate the gas in the oil;

The suction pipe with a larger diameter is used to reduce the local resistance of the pipeline and prevent the cavitation of the hydraulic pump. At the same time, the oil suction filter with a large capacity is used to prevent the oil from mixing with the air.

The suction pipe of the hydraulic pump and the return pipe mouth of the system should be lower, the distance should be as far as possible, and the baffle or defoaming net should be added between the two.

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