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Hazards Of Air Or Bubble In Hydraulic Systems

1. The hydraulic system is not working well

In the hydraulic transmission system, oil is the transmission medium of power. Once the oil is mixed with air, its compression rate will be greatly increased, seriously endangering the reliability of the system, such as automatic control failure, intermittent movement, and so on.

2. Oil temperature of the hydraulic press rises

After the bubble is compressed instantaneously by the pump and other components, its temperature will rise sharply. The hazards of rising oil temperatures are as follows:

Hazards Of Air Or Bubble In Hydraulic Systems

(1) Accelerate the oxidation of the oil

When the oil temperature is above 60℃, the oxidation rate will increase exponentially with every increase of 10℃. After oxidation, the viscosity of the oil will increase and acidic compounds will be generated, which will cause corrosion of metal parts in the system and easily produce slag and mud.

(2) The lubricating property of oil decreases

The oil film strength of the deteriorated oil is not enough to withstand the pressure of the working load, causing the metal surface to contact each other, resulting in a sharp increase in friction, and accelerating the wear of parts in the hydraulic system.

(3) Accelerate the aging of seals

If the oil temperature exceeds the normal heat resistance temperature of the seal, it will accelerate the aging of the seal, lose its elasticity, and lead to premature loss of sealing performance.

3. Lead to cavitation of hydraulic system

When the bubbles in the oil are brought to the high-pressure area by the oil, the volume shrinks sharply, so that the vacuum is formed in the local area, and the particles collide with each other to produce local high pressure, forming hydraulic impact, and making the local pressure rise sharply.

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