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Common Hydraulic Press Machine Problems & Solutions

Like all tools, the hydraulic press machine can become damaged over time through heavy usage. Here are common problems associated with hydraulic press machines and solution tips that should help you fix them.

1. The pressure of the main cylinder of the hydraulic press machine does not rise enough

The damping hole of the main spool of the hydraulic press machine has the phenomenon of blockage, and the main spool valve will open the overflow at a lower pressure. The main spool stuck in the opening position may also lead to the pressure of the main cylinder can not rise.

Solution: carefully check the position of the flow valve of the hydraulic press machine, and then analyze the causes of various possible failures in detail to find out the reasons for certain treatments. The relief valve damping hole and each part must be cleaned to ensure a smooth state. When replacing the main spool, the sealing ring should be processed with the valve seat hole to avoid oil leakage.

Common Hydraulic Press Machine Problems & Solutions

2. The spring of the filling valve of the master cylinder of the hydraulic press machine is broken, and the sealing degree is not up to the standard

Solution: replace the spring, and grind the sealing surface of the liquid filling valve to ensure no leakage phenomenon.

3. The sealing ring of the main cylinder is damaged, and the pressure oil in the upper and lower chambers colludes

Solution: replace the sealing ring. If there is a strain on the inner wall of the main cylinder, it should be repaired to grind the surface, so as to prevent the sealing ring from being damaged.

4. The sound of the hydraulic press machine system is abnormal, and the vibration is relatively large

The possible reason is that the filter of the tank is blocked by unknown substances, and the suction of the hydraulic pump is blocked.

Solution: clean the filter, in the process of inspection, not only to check if the oil is polluted but also to filter the oil pollution or directly replace the oil with new oil.

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