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Key Points of Hydraulic Press Pipeline Design

Aiming at the design problems of hydraulic press pipeline such as space interference, reasonable arrangement, flow field distribution, vibration and oil leakage, convenient disassembly and assembly, and reliable maintenance, the key points of hydraulic press pipeline design are as following.

(1) Design of pipe diameter and wall thickness.

Pipe diameter and wall thickness are the two basic parameters to be determined first in pipeline design and are the basis of pipeline design. The wall thickness of the pipe is related to the inner diameter of the pipe, the maximum working pressure, and the allowable stress of the pipe.

(2) Distribution of flow field and temperature field of important pipe fittings.

Analysis of the flow field and temperature field of important pipe fittings is an important part of pipeline design.

Key Points of Hydraulic Press Pipeline Design 1

(3) Layout design and layout principles.

The pipe layout design is the core part of the hydraulic press piping design. The size of the pipe spacing, the design of the piping direction, and the reasonableness of the piping layout are directly related to the quality of the piping system.

(4) Modal analysis and support arrangement of pipeline vibration.

Vibration is inevitable during the operation of the hydraulic press piping system, which will adversely affect the operation; the vibration should be minimized, the modal analysis of the piping system should be performed, and the natural frequency of the piping system should be changed by adjusting the position of the piping support to avoid resonance.

(5) Determination of piping design principles.

The pipeline design principle has strong generality and is the main reference for designers to carry out pipeline design. The determination of piping design principles can effectively shorten the design cycle and improve design efficiency.

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