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How to Remove Impurities in the Hydraulic Oil of a Four-Column Hydraulic Press

The four-column hydraulic press is a kind of mechanical equipment that uses the static pressure of hydraulic oil delivered by an oil pump to process metal, plastic, rubber, wood, powder, and other products

The design of the oil filter is mainly to select the filter element material according to the working pressure and filtration accuracy requirements of the four-column hydraulic press, and calculate the filter surface according to the selected filter element material and flow requirements.

How to Remove Impurities in the Hydraulic Oil of Four-Column Hydraulic Press

1. Solution: How to remove the impurities in the hydraulic oil of the four-column hydraulic machine

In the four-column hydraulic machine, to ensure the cleanliness of the oil, it is necessary to install an oil filter to filter out impurities in the oil. The impurities in the oil are dust, dirt, components in the hydraulic machine device, and oil pipes. Residues and fractions in oil, etc. So, we should choose a filter element with strong hydraulic resistance.

The operating capacity of the four-column hydraulic press oil filter depends on the content of solid particles in the oil, the pressure difference of the oil before and after filtration, the viscosity and temperature of the oil, and the performance of the filter medium itself. The lower the speed of oil circulation through the filter element, the lower the pressure on the surface, and the higher the filtration accuracy. These impurities will scratch, wear and even get stuck on the surface of the internal parts of the hydraulic press, block the small holes of the pipeline and the throttle valve port, affect the working ability of the hydraulic press, and finally cause the four-column hydraulic press to fail to work normally.

2. Selection of hydraulic oil

Hydraulic oil is the medium to ensure the normal operation of the four-column hydraulic machine. The cleanliness of the hydraulic oil is also an important guarantee to reduce the pollution inside the hydraulic machine. important. The greater the pressure applied to the surface of the filter and the smaller the resistance, the greater the oil output capacity of the filter.

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