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Common Vibration In Hydraulic System

Hydraulic system design, the system of temperature control, pressure control, level control, and so on have some fixed configuration. But sometimes the mechanical and hydraulic vibration is not considered carefully, resulting in some accidents caused by system vibration shock. It shows that the mechanical components are damaged, the motion precision is reduced, and the noise pollution is serious, which directly affects the life of the hydraulic system.

Common Vibration In Hydraulic System

1. Mechanical vibration in the hydraulic system

Due to the increasing complexity of modern mechanical structures and the increasing speed of movement, the harm of vibration is more prominent. The hydraulic system is mainly reflected in the motor hydraulic pump, the hydraulic motor shaft running at high speed, will produce a frequency and speed corresponding to the forced vibration. This vibration will be transmitted to other pipelines, oil tanks, and valves through the pump station foundation or pipeline. During the use of motor hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors, due to wear and other reasons, the matching clearance increases and the bearing position moves in series.

2. Fluid vibration in the hydraulic system

Fluid vibration is the vibration shock phenomenon caused by the instantaneous pressure change of oil. The impact pressure can be as high as 3~4 times the normal working pressure, so that the components, pipes, and instruments in the hydraulic system are destroyed; The hydraulic shock causes the pressure relay to send the wrong signal, interferes with the normal work of the hydraulic system, and affects the working stability and reliability of the hydraulic system; Hydraulic impact causes vibration and noise, loose connectors, resulting in oil leakage, pressure valve adjustment pressure change; Hydraulic impact comes quickly, often make the operator avoid, causing personal injury.

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