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Application Skills In Hydraulic System Design

1. Establish a double closed-loop speed control structure for the hydraulic system

The establishment of a double closed-loop speed control structure, on the one hand, can meet the requirements of the hydraulic system during operation, when the current speed reaches the limit, by adjusting the hydraulic system, the current can be guaranteed to be in a stable state. On the other hand, the double closed-loop speed control structure improves the control process of the hydraulic system and ensures the smooth operation of the system.

Application Skills In Hydraulic System Design

2. Use a circuit saving valve to optimize the hydraulic system structure

The hydraulic system structure optimized by the circuit saving valve can use the hydraulic control check valve to control the oil circuit during the lifting of the hydraulic cylinder, enhance the power of the hydraulic logic valve during operation, and ensure that the work of other components is not affected. It can effectively improve the operating efficiency of the hydraulic system.

3. Optimize the system structure through simulation analysis

The introduction of simulation technology into the hydraulic system optimization process can simulate the design of various factors of the hydraulic system's operation effect, and then improve the structure of the hydraulic system through the technical means of collision testing, so as to realize the optimization of the hydraulic system structure and ensure the system's performance. performance.

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