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Fault Analysis Of Hydraulic Press Relief Valve

The hydraulic press relief valve has two main functions, which are to maintain the pressure stability of the hydraulic system and to limit the high pressure of the system. It is installed at the outlet of the hydraulic pump. If the hydraulic oil circuit is overloaded, the hydraulic oil can return to the tank from the relief valve to realize the unloading of the system to protect the hydraulic system.

Fault Analysis Of Hydraulic Press Relief Valve

The following is the fault analysis of the hydraulic press relief valve.

(1) The damping hole of the hydraulic press relief valve is blocked

The damping hole is blocked, which is a common and easy-to-be-ignored problem, is due to the hydraulic oil is not pure, and oil impurities caused by too much. In this case, first, check whether the relief valve is blocked, clean the relief valve, and then return the spool to the position, reset and open the pressure according to the load required by the machine.

 (2) hydraulic press relief valve spring problem

If the spring is not firmly fixed or the spring is deformed or broken, it will cause the pressure of the relief valve to decrease, so that the hydraulic actuator can not work normally. The operator needs to re-secure the spring or replace it with a new spring.

(3) The poppet valve of the hydraulic press relief valve is seriously worn

The loss of pressure in the hydraulic system is closely related to the serious wear of the poppet valve. Too much wear of the poppet valve causes a serious leakage of the hydraulic system, resulting in pressure drop or loss of pressure failure of the hydraulic press system. In this case, a new relief valve should be replaced immediately.

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