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Fault Diagnosis Of Hydraulic Press System

The hydraulic press is a combination of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and other devices, so the failure is also diverse, so it is difficult to find the fault of the hydraulic press system.

Fault diagnosis of hydraulic press system needs to continue to analyze, explore, verify, timely and accurate troubleshooting causes. Common fault diagnosis methods are described as follows:

Fault Diagnosis Of Hydraulic Press System

1. Regional analysis method

The area analysis method is to divide the whole system diagram of the hydraulic press, through the appearance of the fault, find out the area where the fault may occur, check these areas, analyze and judge the factors of the fault, and put forward the method to solve the fault.

2. Comprehensive analysis

The comprehensive analysis method is the comprehensive analysis of hydraulic press system faults, including the cause of the failure and the development process, and the testing system, using the modern information processing method of the hydraulic press data processing, to obtain accurate results, so as to find out the root cause of the failure, make the right judgment and solution is put forward.

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