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Computer Technology for Hydraulic Pipeline Design

Hydraulic press pipeline design is to use pipelines and pipe fittings to connect various components in the hydraulic device to realize the functional design of the hydraulic system. With the development of computer technology, the application in pipeline design mainly focuses on the research of pipeline design numerical analysis, pipeline layout, and pipeline vibration.

Computer Technology for Hydraulic Pipeline Design

(1) Pipeline design simulation technology

With the development of computers and the application of new algorithms, numerical simulation technology has also played an increasingly important role in pipeline design, among which the application of FLUENT and CFX software in pipeline design is the most representative.

(2) Three-dimensional layout design of pipelines

The research on the pipeline layout of hydraulic presses has gradually developed into a 3D multi-constraint and multi-objective condition system. The 3D software JhSolid has new functions such as the location of the starting point and the end of the pipeline, and the automatic generation of the pipeline centerline.

(3) Dynamic design of pipeline vibration

Vibration characteristics of pipelines are the most fundamental and most widely studied contents in pipeline system research, which mainly include inherent characteristics and dynamic characteristics of hydraulic press pipelines.

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