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How To Design A Hydraulic Transmission System?

The hydraulic transmission system is an integral part of the hydraulic machinery, and the design of the hydraulic transmission system should be carried out at the same time as the overall design of the main engine. When designing, we must proceed from the actual situation, combine various transmission forms, give full play to the advantages of hydraulic transmission, and strive to design a hydraulic transmission system with a simple structure, reliable operation, low cost, high efficiency, simple operation, and convenient maintenance.

How To Design A Hydraulic Transmission System?

Design requirements of hydraulic transmission system:

There is no strict sequence in the design steps of the hydraulic transmission system, and the steps are often interspersed with each other. Generally speaking, after clarifying the design requirements, proceed as follows:

1) Determine the form of hydraulic actuators;

2) Analyze the working conditions and determine the main parameters of the hydraulic transmission system;

3) Formulate the basic plan and draw up the schematic diagram of the hydraulic transmission system;

4) Select hydraulic components;

5) Check the performance of the hydraulic transmission system;

6) Draw working diagrams and prepare technical documents;

7) Requirements for dustproof, explosion-proof, cold-proof, noise, safety, and reliability;

8) Requirements for the efficiency and cost of the hydraulic transmission system.

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