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The Shuntec custom-made 4-post 80 ton heated platen hydraulic press machine is a big table-size heated platen press customized built for our USA customer, with heated platen sizes 2000*1800 mm for carpet hot compression molding application.

The heating method of this carpet hot molding forming press machine is electrical heating with the heaters. Temperature is controlled by PID temperature controllers for easy setting and displaying. The heated platen can be divided into multi-temperature zones each monitored with a digital ammeter for easy temperature fault detection.

Advantages of Shuntec 80 Ton Heated Platen Hydraulic Press Machine

• Multi-types of frame structure to meet your specific applications
• Uniform heat distribution across the entire heated platens
• Easy and precise temperature control
• Heated platen presses can be customized to your specifications
• Superior rigidity and bed to platen parallelism
• Precision-guided moving slide (platen)
• Fast, easy and safe setup and operation
• Years of maintenance-free and reliable operation.

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