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What Is Water Bulging Hydroforming Hydraulic Press Machine

A water bulging hydroforming hydraulic press machine is a kind of metal forming press machine that uses fluid as the working medium to produce defined sizes and shapes. During the forming process, high-pressure fluid is used to generate pressure against the interior wall of the tube. Since the tube is sealed at both ends by a punch, and materials are supplemented to the tube, the pressure inside the tube is kept at a high level and forces the outer wall of the tube to completely match the mold cavity, and in this way, the intended shape is obtained. 

Compared with traditional farming methods in which two-part halves are stamped and welded together, the hydroforming process can produce parts with high integrity, which means that the parts can be formed one time, and requires no or little subsequent welding procedures. It is also because there is no need for welding, the parts produced by hydroforming are of seamless bonding, which can achieve higher strength and better surfaces of the finished products. Besides, parts produced by hydroforming are lightweight. Compared with traditional metal stamped and welded parts, the weight of hydroformed parts can be reduced by 20% to 30%. Due to the one-time forming ability, work time and labor force can also be reduced significantly, which ultimately increases productivity. 

Due to its various advantages, hydroforming hydraulic press has been used in the automotive industry, plumbing and heating industry, household appliance industry, aviation, and aerospace industry, etc. 

Specifically, hydroforming technology is applied to water bulging hydraulic presses. This kind of press is highly capable of forming hollow complex-shaped components with integral structures. 

Features Of Water Bulging Hydraulic Press Machine

1, Working speed is fast and efficiency is high, whereas the energy consumption is low.

2, By virtue of sophisticated designs, the press can achieve high working pressure. Under high working pressure, the press can guarantee clear texture and thereby improve the appearance and quality of the finished products. 

3, The press is equipped with a movable slide table, which makes it very convenient to load and unload materials. With this table, the height of the machine can be effectively reduced, and a high level of stability and reliability of the machine can be improved. 

4, The press can realize the function of material withdrawal and material feeding, and improve the bulging limit of materials. Due to the bigger bulging limit, the press is especially suitable for the hydroforming of complex parts. 

5, The hydraulic system is controlled by two-way cartridge valves, which can guarantee that the pressure loss is small and action is stable and reliable. 

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