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What Is C Frame Hydraulic Press Machine

1. Overview of C Frame Hydraulic Press Machine

The C-frame hydraulic press machine is also called open gap frame press, but it is mostly called C-frame press. C-frame hydraulic presses are named according to their shape and appearance which resemble a C from the side view. Due to its special and elegant shape and appearance, C-frame hydraulic press stands out like an artwork among other types of presses which are mainly constructed by supporting posts and have a larger machine body. 

The C-frame hydraulic press is featured a compact structure. Unlike other types of hydraulic press such as the two-post press and four-post press, which have columns as indispensable parts of the whole construction, the machine body of the C-frame hydraulic press is integrally welded with other components installed inside the body. Such structure not only has a small footprint but also increases the strength and rigidity of the machine. 

2. Advantages 

1). C-frame hydraulic press adopts an integrally welded structure. Such structure is compact and takes up small space. Besides, it also adds to the stability and rigidity of the whole machine body, which ensures the accuracy of the process. 

2). C-frame hydraulic press adopts an integral structure, and the components are all installed inside the machine body, so it looks much neater and more elegant than other larger types of presses that have relatively clumsy structures. 

3). Three-sided open structure provides convenient access to the working area and enables operators to carry out routine operations conveniently, such as die-tooling loading and maintenance, parts removing, etc. 

4). While the C-frame hydraulic press is ideal for almost all applications, such as straightening, assembling, bending, stamping, riveting, press-fit and so on, it is typically suitable for applications needing smaller bed sizes and lower tonnages, like assembly.

5). Due to its simple structure, C-frame hydraulic press is very easy to customize according to special requirements. Imported PLC, optical grating protection, and the human-machine interface can be added to the machine according to actual needs. 

3. Disadvantages Of C-Frame Hydraulic Press And The Method To Overcome It

When talking about the C-frame hydraulic press, manufacturers and buyers never forget to raise the concern about the problem of yawning or deflection. As the tonnage and bed size increase, the C-frame design has an unavoidable tendency to yawn or deflect. This is an inherent flaw of a typical C-frame press. Overcoming this problem has been the key point for manufacturers to gain a competitive edge over other suppliers of the same products. Currently, the most often used method is to use gib-guided ram bolsters or precision graphite impregnated bronze bushings, and it has been proved to be effective to overcome yawning and deflection and add to the rigidity of the whole machine construction. 

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