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Tips for Four-Column Hydraulic Press Operation

1. Operation requirements of four-column hydraulic press

The operator should be familiar with the performance, structure, process principle, and control system operation method of the four-column hydraulic press, and can only work after passing the training and assessment.

Operators should wear work clothes, safety helmets, and protective gloves. Female workers should put their braids in the hat, and should not wear skirts, slippers, or high heels.

Tips for Four-Column Hydraulic Press Operation

2. Inspection before the operation of the four-column hydraulic press

Before starting and stopping the four-column hydraulic press, all buttons of the electric control system must be placed in their original positions; check whether each operating handle (button) and each connecting part are loosely fastened and whether the performance is reliable; Whether obstacles, limit devices and safety protection devices are in good condition.

Check whether the lubricating points and refueling places of the four-column hydraulic press are adequately supplied with oil; check whether the electronic control system is in good condition and whether the grounding is proper; all fastening connections must not be loose, and whether the limit devices and safety protection devices are perfect; Lubricated parts are fully lubricated.

3. Select the appropriate equipment process parameters according to the processing drawings (specifically according to the production process card) and set them.

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