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Shuntec 500 Ton Servo Hydraulic Press

The Shuntec 500-ton servo hydraulic press adopts the servo drive and servo motor, which has the characteristics of low noise and low energy consumption. The servo motor and electric control circuit are integrated into the power cabinet, which is highly independent and easy to repair and maintain. It can be processed and customized according to customer requirements, such as the size of the hydraulic machine working table, cylinder stroke, daylight opening, working pressure, operating speed, automatic loading, and unloading, automatic/semi-automatic, etc. Shuntec provides tailor-made high-quality hydraulic press equipment to meet customer production process needs.

The pressure and speed of the Shuntec 500-ton servo hydraulic press can be programmed and controlled to meet various technological needs, and remote automatic control can also be realized. The pressure, speed, and position of the equipment are fully closed-loop digital control, with a high degree of automation and good precision. It is an energy-saving and high-efficiency hydraulic machine that uses a servo motor to drive the main transmission oil pump, reduces the control valve circuit, and controls the slider of the hydraulic machine. It is suitable for stamping, die forging, pressing, straightening, and other processes.

Comparative advantages of the Shuntec 500-ton servo hydraulic press against the traditional hydraulic press:

Shuntec 500 Ton Servo Hydraulic Press

1. Energy saving: the Shuntec 500-ton servo hydraulic press can save electricity by 30%~70% compared with a traditional hydraulic press.

2. Low noise: The noise of a 500-ton servo hydraulic press is generally less than 70dB, while the noise of a traditional hydraulic press is 83dB~90dB.

3. High efficiency: The speed of the 500-ton servo hydraulic press can be greatly increased, and the working cycle is several times higher than that of the traditional hydraulic press, which can reach 10/min~15/min.

4. Convenient maintenance: the cleanliness requirement of hydraulic oil is far less than that of a hydraulic proportional servo system, which reduces the impact of hydraulic oil pollution on the system.

5. Less heat and lower cost: the hydraulic oil consumed by a 500-ton servo hydraulic press is generally only about 50% of that of a traditional hydraulic press.

6. The 500-ton servo hydraulic press has a high degree of automation, good flexibility, and high precision.

The following introduces the control components of the Shuntec 500-ton servo hydraulic press:

1. Proportional valve: Control the flow of the entire oil circuit in the hydraulic system, and adjust the opening size according to the set value to achieve the required pressure.

2. Reversing valve: The equipment has four reversing valves, which work respectively in ascending and descending, decelerating, working, and guiding actions.

3. Throttle valve: a throttle valve is installed under the deceleration valve and work inlet valve, which can control the flow of the oil circuit to slow down or speed up the speed of action.

4. Back pressure valve: A back pressure valve is installed under the ascending and descending reversing valve to stabilize the pressure of the oil circuit when the oil cylinder descends.

5. Filling valve: When the pilot valve is in action, the signal oil circuit of the filling valve pushes the check valve, which can make the check valve conduct in reverse so that the oil will return to the top auxiliary tank when it is rising. It has no effect when descending, it is only a one-way valve.

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