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Selecting A Four-Column Hydraulic Press

There are various types of four-column hydraulic presses with different rigidity, precision, and usage methods, so buyers are advised to make reasonable choices according to the nature of the production process, batches, mold conditions, and precision requirements.

1. Select a suitable model of a four-column hydraulic press according to your own needs

1). Before selecting, according to the shape and raw material you need to press, then ask yourself what is the output requirement and whether there are any special requirements for the four-column hydraulic press, and then let the manufacturer provide a suitable model.

2). When selecting a four-column hydraulic press, there must be a surplus of pressure, not only to improve the service life of the equipment but also for long-term development in the future. The nominal pressure must be greater than the actual working pressure.

3). The output of the four-column hydraulic press is not only related to the model but also related to the hydraulic system, and there should be a fast system.

4). The stroke of the four-column hydraulic press should meet the required size of the formed product, and the formed product can be easily taken out from the mold.

Selecting A Four-Column Hydraulic Press

2. Select a right manufacturer

The quality of the four-column hydraulic press not only affects the service life but also affects the production efficiency. After determining the equipment model, you can also learn about the manufacturer's parameters, production scale, technical strength, etc.

① Whether the appearance design of the four-column hydraulic press is reasonable, whether the painting is uniform and smooth, and whether the appearance is smooth.

② Whether there is abnormal noise, or whether there is mechanical vibration; during the test run, it should test the effect of the machine pressure and whether the operation is flexible.

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