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Development Trend of Smart Hydraulic Press Machine

1. Intelligent: The slider movement curve can be optimized online according to different production processes and mold requirements (such as blanking, stretching, sheet metal extrusion, progressive die stamping, etc.), and unique working characteristic curves can be designed to carry out Difficult and high-precision processing.

2. High efficiency: the smart hydraulic press machine can set the number of strokes of the slider in a wide range, the speed, and stroke of the slider can be adjusted easily, and the slider can work at the minimum stroke according to the forming process, with the help of multi-station technology and automatic feeding technology, the Increase productivity.

Development Trend of Smart Hydraulic Press Machine

3. High precision: Through the servo control technology, the movement of the hydraulic press can be precisely controlled. Generally, it is equipped with a slider displacement detection device, and any position of the slider can be accurately controlled.

4. Composite functions: For new technologies such as isothermal forging and superplastic forming, the slider and mold space are used to build a temperature-controllable heating environment, and the forging, stamping process and heat treatment process are combined to achieve a multi-purpose machine and ensure product quality.

5. Low noise: The smart hydraulic press simplifies the transmission system and reduces noise. Helps reduce punching noise by setting the low-noise motion profile of the slider.

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