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Common Fault Analysis Of Four-Column Hydraulic Press Machine

Common faults of the four-column hydraulic press machine are analyzed as follows:

1. The oil temperature is too high is the biggest cause of the four-column hydraulic press system, it brings harm: hydraulic oil viscosity, volume efficiency, and efficiency of the hydraulic system are decreased, leakage increases, and even make the equipment cannot work normally.

2. The parts of the four-column press system expand because of overheating, which destroys the original normal clearance of the relative moving parts, leading to the increase of friction resistance and the hydraulic valve is easy to get stuck.

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3. The rubber seal of a four-column hydraulic press deteriorates, shortens its life, and even loses its sealing performance so that the hydraulic system leaks seriously.

4. Four-column hydraulic press machine oil vaporization, water evaporation, easy to cause cavitation erosion of hydraulic components; The oxidation of oil to form gelatinous deposits, easy to plug the filter and hydraulic valve hole, so that the hydraulic system can not work normally.

Therefore, the high oil temperature will seriously affect the normal use of the four-column press, reduce the service life of hydraulic components, and increase the maintenance cost of the hydraulic press.

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