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Advantages of Shuntec Servo Hydraulic Press

What are the advantages of Shuntec servo hydraulic press?

1. The biggest advantages of the Shuntec servo hydraulic press is that it can control the movement and speed of the slider and configure the appropriate stamping curve for different processing purposes to improve production capacity and quality. Traditional presses cannot elastically control the speed of the slider and can only simply control parameters such as the height of the die, the number of attacks per minute and the pressure of the cushion.

Advantages of Shuntec Servo Hydraulic Press

2. The slider of the Shuntec servo hydraulic press can be quickly pulled back at the bottom dead center to speed up the production rhythm, and the pressure time can also be set. The user-friendly operation interface can easily and quickly generate various stamping modes.

3. Shuntec servo hydraulic press can be solved by changing traditional motor to servo motor or hydraulic servo pump. It can achieve high torque at low speed, has stable control of high output power source and high-speed control of motor action, and meets the strong stamping ability of servo hydraulic press and correct high-speed slider action, so as to truly meet the characteristics of stamping processing.

4. The servo hydraulic press is designed with the concept of environmental protection and energy saving. In the mechanism design, the direct drive structure integrating the servo motor and the drive shaft is adopted to save the flywheel and reduce the energy consumption. In terms of electrical control system, through the power leveling design, the change of power load during stamping and slider acceleration and deceleration can be stabilized.

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