Why Choose Shuntec

A good hydraulic press is usually made in a professional facility. A good press design begins with good project management, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical design. Also, a good press shares professional and rapid service by aftermarket team. Shuntec’s entire engineering team is well versed in these areas which results in a high quality hydraulic press with excellent technology, solid quality at highly competitive price.

01 - Facility

  • 7500 sq meter manufacturing factory
  • Over 150 full time employees
  • Over 30 tons lifting capacity
  • Machine equipment for CNC machining, turning, milling, drilling, boring

02 - Engineering

  • Talented technicians from a diverse mechanical background, including machine design, project management, and automation experience
  • Engineering and manufacturing experience across dozens of industries and applications
  • Shuntec press design begins with good project management, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical design
  • Tech service team 24 hours on line for before and after projects service
  • Online commissioning, training and video technical support
  • Fast-response aftersales service

03 - Project Management

  • Every project has a project engineer working directly with customer from design throughout delivery
  • Reviewing the project application and determining deliverables proposals during an Engineering Kickoff Meeting.
  • Collaborating with our customers during the design process via online or in-person design reviews.
  • Improving the understand of the unique application of our customers.
  • Compliance with a variety of customer-specific machine standards, such as CE, UL.
  • Managing process qualifications, runoffs on our floor (FAT) and delivery.

04 - Mechanical Design

  • Application experience to select the correct press frame based on loading conditions, tool clearance and other factors.
  • Complex 3-D CAD modeling via SolidWorks Professional to ensure a robust press frame.
  • Indexers, shuttles, robots and pick and place units used with press machine
  • Heated and chilled platens and process chillers
  • Simulation of complicated machine installs and rigging

05 - Hydraulic Design

  • Scalable designs as simple as discrete valving up to precision servo hydraulics.
  • Clean design using proprietary integrated manifold blocks.
  • Energy efficient hydraulic units through load holding check circuits, accumulators, and variable speed pump drives.
  • Special attention to fluid velocity, tank size, tank layout, pump suction condition, and fluid aeration
  • Fluid condition management including filtration, cooling, and sealed systems
  • Redundant valving for safety compliance
  • High safety factors on pressure-rated components

06 - Electrical Design

  • Electrical design compliant with CE, UL, NFPA.
  • Safety code Compliance ANSI, CSA and EN as well as pertinent OSHA standards.
  • Expertise with widely accepted and modern software such as:
  • PLC Programming – Allen Bradley (Rockwell Toolkit), Siemens (TIA Portal), etc.
  • Delta RMC Tools
  • Schematic design and panel layout using AutoCAD Electrical
  • Safety controls as simple as a safety relay to full safety PLC solutions.

07 - Parts & Components

  • Shuntec share a long-term business cooperation directly with world-famous suppliers like Bosch, Rexroth, YUKEN, Omron, Siemens, Schneider, Allen-Bradley, Baldor, SKF.
  • Our machines feature the finest hydraulic and electrical components, safe, reliable, robust and easy to maintain and support
  • Extensive inventory and quick shipments on spare parts and components 
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