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What Is Powder Compacting/Forming Hydraulic Press

Powder compacting/forming hydraulic press is a kind of press machine that compresses powder of different materials into intended shape, size, and density. It is a process when the power is becoming solid of the required shape. Applicable powder material includes pure metal or alloy, non-metal, metal and non-metal compound, etc. 

Typical structures of powder compacting/forming hydraulic presses include three-beam & four-column, two-beam & four-column, four-beam & four-column, etc. A powder compacting/forming hydraulic press with more columns not only has a larger volume but can achieve a higher level of rigidity and precision as well. The press is equipped with independent hydraulic and electrical systems and automatic feeding devices, which greatly facilitate the forming process. 

Features Of Powder Compacting/Forming Hydraulic Press

1. The mold base can be used for internally concave and externally convex products. It has a stepping adjustment mechanism for molded products, a floating mandrel mechanism, and a powder filling mechanism. Thin products with step differences can be easily molded.

2. The press is equipped with an upper punch pressure holding mechanism. With this mechanism, the molded products and the upper punch are still under pressure when they reach the end of the extrusion so as to prevent the molded products from deforming and cracking during extrusion.

3. The press can realize functions such as middle mold balance, floating plate balance, filling pause, and extrusion pause.

4. The method of electric forced lubrication is adopted to lubricate the machine.

5. Human-machine interface dialogue operation mode s available, which is simple and convenient, and cost-saving for maintenance. 

Application Of Powder Compacting/Forming Hydraulic Presses

Powder compacting/forming hydraulic presses are widely used in industries that require powder compression moldings, such as inductive magnetic cores, powder metallurgy, precision ceramics, hard alloys, and magnetic materials. They are especially suitable for compression molding of multi-step and complex products, such as magnetic materials, inductance integrated molding, precision ceramics, 5G filters, powder metallurgy, fasteners, stamping, and molding, new energy, lithium batteries, auto parts, 3C, and other industries.

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