In terms of structure, hydraulic presses dominantly adopt the vertical style, and the oil cylinders move up and down to perform the job. However, vertical hydraulic presses are not always omnipotent. For certain kinds of parts which is too long, it is very difficult to load into a vertical press. In this case, a horizontal hydraulic press is highly preferred. 

A Horizontal Hydraulic Press Is A Kind Of Press Machine That Adopts A Horizontal Construction Structure

The cylinder of the horizontal hydraulic press performs left and right reciprocating actions in the horizontal direction, as opposed to the vertical up and down reciprocating action of a vertical hydraulic press oil cylinder. In terms of structure, it can be regarded as a lying-down 4-column hydraulic press or C-frame hydraulic press. Actually, the common structures of the horizontal hydraulic press are quite similar to those vertical structure hydraulic presses, including four-column and three-plate, C frame structure, and so on. 

Because of its lying-down structure, manufacturers’ plants don’t have to be very high to accommodate a horizontal hydraulic press, but this kind of machine takes up a larger footprint than vertical hydraulic presses. Besides, the position of the oil tank, main cylinder, and part of the valve body is also much lower than that of the vertical hydraulic presses, which makes it much more convenient to examine and maintain the machine. Horizontal hydraulic press shares a lot of common applications with a vertical hydraulic press, but due to its lying-down position, it is mainly used for the press-fitting process of large and long shaft sleeve parts, such as press-in of the motor stator, press-in of the motor rotor shaft, and bearing, etc.

Characteristics Of The Horizontal Hydraulic Press

1, The press adopts the typical structure of four-column and three plates. The vertical precision of the left and right movable plates is controlled by eight precision guide bushes and the parallel precision of any point on the left working face and the right working face can reach within 0.08mm.

2, The press has comprehensive safety designs to guarantee the safety of the operators. It adopts a two-handed operation mode and is equipped with an emergency button. In case of emergency, the press can be stopped in order to cause any damage. 

3, The worktable is equipped with a charging conduit and a blowing device to improve production efficiency.

4, Pressure, stroke, speed, holding time, closing height can be adjusted according to requirements, and the operation is very easy and convenient. 

5, There are casters and foot cups under the workbench, which makes it easy and convenient to move. 

Typical Applications Of The Horizontal Hydraulic Press

1. Automobile industry: press-fitting of engine components (cylinder heads, cylinder liners, oil seals, etc.), press-fitting of steering gear components (gears, pins, etc.), assembly of transmission shaft components, press-fitting of gearbox components, and press-fitting of brake disc components.

2, Motor industry: press-fitting of micro-motor components (spindle, housing, etc.), press-fitting of motor components (bearing spindle, etc.)

3, Electronics industry: Press-fitting of circuit board components (plug-ins, etc.), and press-fitting of electronic components.