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H Frame 350 Ton New Energy Automobile Battery Heater Plate Forming Hydraulic Press

Product Description
Frame styleH frame
ApplicationBattery heater plate forming/stamping/punching
Tonnage350 Ton
Driven SourceHydraulic
Ship To / Place of UseThe USA
Power Supply Three-phase AC 230V 60 Hz
Intended UseNew energy automobiles, electric vehicles (EV), hybrid electric vehicles(HEV)

Shuntec-P04 custom-made H frame 350 ton new energy automobile battery heater plate forming hydraulic press is specially designed and made for forming new energy automobile battery heater/battery heating plate in one punch.

As you may know, battery heaters are mostly used for preheating in military field equipment, communication equipment, medical equipment, and battery low-temperature environments. 304 stainless steel or copper-nickel alloy is mostly used, the resistance is set by etching, and the PI film is thermally pressed to firmly bond the insulation and heating. The new energy vehicle battery heater is one of them.

All parameters of the H frame 350 ton battery heater plate forming hydraulic press including tonnage, stroke, open daylight, and bed sizes can be customized to best meet your requirements.

Custom Features of H Frame 350 Ton New Energy Automobile Battery Heater Plate Forming Hydraulic Press

  • The body of the 350-ton battery heater plate forming hydraulic press for new energy vehicles is an H frame structure. It is economical and applicable, with reasonable force-bearing design and a beautiful appearance
  • Required cylinder stroke 400 mm; Required maximum daylight 600 mm
  • Effective cutting area 650*650 mm
  • Calculated ram speed: Approach 140 mm/s; Pressing 15 mm/s; Return 140 mm/s
  • Required bed table height above the floor 950 mm
  • The heavy welded and rib-reinforced frame body is extremely rigid and helps minimum deflection to provide high rigidity and durability
  • Equipped with a large-capacity oil tank and energy storing device, which can improve the filling efficiency, reduce the pressure time, increase the heat dissipation area, and reduce the oil temperature
  • The cylinder barrel and piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder are made of high-quality forgings, which improves the reliability
  • The 350 ton battery heater plate forming hydraulic press for new energy vehicle battery adopts an advanced cartridge valve system, which has a compact structure, reduces pipeline connections, improves the sealing of the system, and reduces the occurrence of oil leakage
  • Adopt the gear pump to reduce noise, good oil absorption effect, and improve the service life of the oil pump
  • The pressure gauge adopts an explosion-proof pressure gauge and pressure gauge door, which is convenient for maintenance
  • The main cylinder seal adopts well-known brands worldwide
  • The electrical control system adopts two control schemes: relay and PLC. The PLC electrical control system is sensitive and reliable in work and flexible in operation. The working mode can be adjusted according to the production process and the actual situation
  • The slider can realize two control methods of fixed distance and constant pressure. It has the ability to hold pressure and delay. The working pressure and stroke size can be adjusted within the specified range according to the process requirements
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