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Custom-made Benchtop Type 2 Ton Small Pneumatic Press

Product Description
Frame styleBenchtop pneumatic press
ApplicationLight-duty work such as riveting, assembly, etc.
Tonnage2 Ton
Driven SourcePneumatic/Air
Ship To / Place of UseCzech Republic
Power SupplySinge-phase AC 230V 50 Hz
Intended UseAutomotive industries

Shuntec custom-made benchtop type 2 ton small pneumatic press is special-designed and applied for light-duty works such as riveting, assembly, press-fitting, clamping, and so on.  All parameters including tonnage, stroke, open daylight, and bed sizes are customized to best meet customers' requirements.

Custom Features:

  • Benchtop type mounting, with a custom bench height 850 mm above the floor
  • Required cylinder stroke 150 mm; Required maximum daylight 300 mm
  • Bed platen sizes 460*275 mm with threaded holes
  • Required throat depth of 130mm
  • Die / tooling connector diameter φ20mm
  • Calculated ram speed: Approach 80 mm/s; Return 80 mm/s
  • Safety mesh shields on left & right sides
  • Light curtains guarding the front opening of the press
  • Double start buttons with the protective cover on the front operating side
  • Emergency stop button on the front operating side
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