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Custom-Made 40 Ton C Frame Hydraulic Press Machine With Real-Time Position-Pressure Graph

Product Description
Frame style C frame press
ApplicationStraightening, assembling,  stamping, riveting, press-fit, etc
Tonnage40 Ton
Driven SourceHydraulic
Ship To / Place of UseIsrael
Power Supply Three-phase AC 380V 50 Hz
Intended UseTest equipment in the lab

Upgraded Custom-made Shuntec-P03 40 ton C frame hydraulic press machine is custom designed and built for our customers from Israel. With an upgraded built-in load cell and 10-inch HMI, the press brings our client the ability of precise closed-loop control of distance and force with a real-time position-pressure graph. All parameters of the C frame hydraulic press including tonnage, stroke, open daylight, and bed sizes can be customized to best meet your requirements.

Custom Features of 40 Ton C Frame Hydraulic Press Machine

  • Open gap C frame structure
  • Heavy welded and rib-reinforced steel frame to ensure maximum rigidity and minimum deflection
  • Three-sided access to the working area, easy for mold/die loading and maintenance, as well as parts removal
  • Integrated hydraulic system mounted inside the frame structure of the press
  • Compact design, small footprint
  • Required cylinder stroke 400 mm; Required maximum daylight 600 mm
  • Bed size 600*500 mm, with T-slot for mold mounting
  • Slide plate size 450*350 mm, with T-slot for mold mounting
  • Bed table height 850 mm above the floor
  • Mitsubishi PLC control
  • 10-inch HMI, easy for setting up the technical parameters and recipes for different products
  • Calculated ram speed: Approach 200 mm/s; Pressing 20 mm/s; Return 180 mm/s
  • Double start buttons on the front and rear operating side
  • Emergency stop button on the front operating side
  • Safety mesh shields on the left & right sides
  • Safety light curtains guarding the front opening of the press
  • Dual channel safety relay circuit for the safety light curtains
  • Real-time position-pressure graph
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