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Custom-made 4-Post 20 Ton Heated Platen Hydraulic Press

Product Description
Frame style 4-post heated platen press
ApplicationHot embossing, bulging forming, hot forming
Tonnage20 Ton
Driven SourceHydraulic
Ship To / Place of UseArgentina, USA
Power Supply Three-phase AC 220V 60 Hz
Intended UseAutomobile, mobile, household appliances, lab

Shuntec-P06 custom-made 4-post 20 ton heated platen hydraulic press is a custom-designed hot forming heated platen press for our customers from Argentina and the USA. The application of the press is for hot embossing membrane switches, and for lamination, bonding, curing or molding a variety of materials. All parameters of the heated platen hydraulic press including tonnage, stroke, open daylight, and bed sizes can be customized to best meet your requirements.

Custom Features of 20 Ton Heated Platen Hydraulic Press

  • Rear-mounted total enclosed hydraulic system
  • 4-post frame structure with top and bottom heated platen
  • Omron temperature controller; 300 degrees centigrade maximum heating temperature
  • With a custom bed table height 780 mm above the floor
  • Required cylinder stroke 300 mm; Required maximum daylight 400 mm
  • Heated platens size 600*400 mm, with T-slot for mold mounting
  • Mitsubishi or Siemens PLC control
  • 10-inch HMI, easy for setting up the technical recipes for different products
  • Calculated ram speed: Approach 150 mm/s; Pressing 10 mm/s; Return 150 mm/s
  • Safety mesh shields on left & right & rear sides
  • Safety light curtains guarding the front opening of the press
  • Dual channel safety relay circuit for the safety light curtains
  • Pneumatic safety ratchet bar
  • Double start buttons on the front and rear operating side
  • Emergency stop button on the front operating side
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